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British culture and the first colonial born children.

The following is an extract from a new book by Geoffrey Blainey “The Story of Australia’s People”. A great read! There is a great history of our native people, but this part is about our first immigrants. Dr William Ullathorne claimed in 1838 that females who were assigned to private settlers in the towns were…

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COMMENT: The following article from a US Muslim, examines the difficulty of “modernising Islam” when the original texts are used to justify inequality, killings, torture, rapes, slavery, and destruction of human rights. There appears to be no mechanism that allows the sort of transformation that Christianity has gone through over the last 2000 years. We…

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Can Islam be Reformed? Ayan now thinks so.

This article was written by Peter Smith, writer for Quadrant Magazine. We have reproduced this article in full, including the advertisement. Ali has divided Islam into various groups based on the Mecca (early religious form) and Medina adherants (later political/violent form) much as our first speaker at our 21 March forum did. Hirsi Ali’s Quixotic…

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Politicians Respond to our Questions.

OK we know politics can be dull, but we believe that all of us should take an interest in the running of our country. SCSC is convinced that apathy in our community, and the assumption that someone out there is looking after us is no longer good enough. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”…

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Wo would not like this?

Multiculturalism? First define culture!

A recent demonstration at the University of the Sunshine Coast, which called for “cultural harmony” has led us to look at what is culture,and what has happened since the West decided to adopt “multiculturalism”. Most of our earliest immigrants were from Europe and the UK, with cultures that differed little from ours. Cultural harmony is…

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Western Civilisation. Worth keeping?

Since the time of the Greeks, citizens in our Western tradition have organised themselves into civil societies to protect and advance their communities and nations. Our modern Australian society is a part of this proud tradition which has developed over 2,500 years. The Greeks are famous for their exercise of democracy invented in the sixth…

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Screw that! Thieves target Coast number plates

Courtesy of the Sunshine Coast Daily. EVERY DAY on the Sunshine Coast, at least one motorist is walking out the door to find their number plates stolen. So far this year, more than 150 number plates have been prised from cars parked between Noosa and Caloundra. The Sunshine Coast District recorded 262 licence plate thefts…

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Lifeline are there for you

Lifeline are a established well organised group that cares for the Sunshine Coast community. Please support them in their plight to help the needy of the Coast.

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